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Are you looking for a custom written book or module that provides the insights business professionals need to transform their new venture ideas into a potentially successful startup?

StartupTime is a new product line that also offers custom written services for publishers by writing about the success stories of well-known, socially-responsible entrepreneurs. You can preview a sample of a custom written StartupTime example at:

To find out more about how you can have a StartupTime custom written module prepared please contact us at

Mentorography, Inc. is an Internet media company dedicated to inventing a better world today by inspiring young adults to create socially-responsible new ventures and content. Mentorographies impart the insights, driving philosophies and lessons learned of the socially-minded entrepreneur regarding their startup journey. Mentorography, Inc. product offerings include showcasing entrepreneurial drama and insights in “The Commuter Pod” Cartoon Webisode Series as well as StartupTime Journal, StartupTime Custom Publication Services and the StartupTime Coach’s Tool-kit and Coaching Services and inspirational products at the StartupTime Store

Thank you in advance for considering purchasing StartupTime custom written services. We look forward to discussing a custom written project with you in the future.

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Molly Lavik
Mentorography, Inc., Creators of StartupTime